Opto-Electro-Robotics Lab.


Guided wave UPI Team
PZT-Ultrasonic Propagation Imaging System
• Nondestructive damage inspection system using laser ultrasonic wave propagation and PZT sensor

* High speed (Max. 20 kHz pulse repetition rate)
* Distance: over 100 m
* Visualize ultrasonic wave propagation
* Combine with wireless network

* Elbow pipe example by PZT-UPI

* Lattice structure example by PZT-UPI
Laser Doppler Vibrometer-Ultrasonic Propagation Imaging System

• Fully noncontact, nondestructive damage inspection system using Laser Doppler Vibrometer

* High speed (Max. 20 kHz pulse repetition rate)
* Measurable for extraordinarily long-range and curved surface

Wireless ultrasonic device prototype

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