Opto-Electro-Robotics Lab.


Overall Introduction
The technology thrust of the OERL is the development and implementation to real-world of various structural sensing technology. The novel developments are achieved based on the multidisciplinary areas of optics, electronics, mechatronics and signal processing for the fields of laser and optics in engineering, integrated integrity management, fiber optic, noncontact and wireless sensing, advanced nondestructive evaluation and measurement, pyroshock measurement and simulation. The application fields encompass Smart Hangar, space launchers, unmanned air vehicles, wind turbines, power plants, railway structures and public safety.
About Supervisor
•  Prof. Jung-Ryul Lee

* Director, Korea Society of Composite Materials
* Editorial board member, Korea Society of Nondestructive Testing
* Editorial board member, Korea Society of Aeronautical and Space Science Magazine

•  Achievements

* 157 of international & domestic journal papers (including 138 of SCI(E))
* 357 of international & domestic conference papers
* 29 of international, US, Japan and Korea patents

Research Fields
Nondestructive Evaluation
PZT-Ultrasonic Propagation Imaging System
•  Nondestructive damage inspection system using laser ultrasonic wave propagation and PZT sensors

* High speed (Max. 20 kHz pulse repetition rate)
* Distance: over 100 m
* Visualize ultrasonic wave propagation
* Combine with wireless network

Laser Doppler Vibrometer-Ultrasonic Propagation Imaging System
• Fully noncontact, nondestructive damage inspection system using Laser Doppler Vibrometer

* High speed (Max. 20 kHz pulse repetition rate)
* Measurable for extraordinarily long-range and curved surface

Mobile Pulse-Echo Ultrasonic Propagation Imaging System
• Mobile PE UPI system aims to provide mobility by compact size as well as high-resolution inspection result.

* Fully noncontact nondestructive inspection system using generation and sensing lasers as an in-situ NDE tool
* Inspection for through-the-thickness defects such as delamination and disband
* Pulse-echo ultrasonic wave propagation imaging (PE UWPI) for damage visualization

Structural Health Monitoring
Smart Hangar

* Invented in 2008, first in the world
* Fast and long range laser ultrasonic scanning
* Simultaneous multi-area scanning
* Fast signal processing for the big data

Single Channel PZT Sensor Network

* Serial-connected three PZT sensors in fuselage
* Surface crack detection from a distance (NDE)
* Impact localization using pre-trained UPI data (SHM)

Smart UAV and Haptic Interface for ground pilot
Lasers in Engineering
Pyroshock Measurement & Visualization

* Usage of pyrotechnique devices in space launchers

* Laser pyroshock measurement system
Microwave Imaging
• Electromagnetic properties evaluation using free space measurement

* Reflection & transmission loss (S11, S21)
* Permittivity & permeability (ε′, ε′′, μ′, μ′′)
* Loss tangent (tanδε, tanδμ)

• Radar absorbing structure for microwave absorber
Artificial Intelligence

• Visual inspection base Machine-Learning

* A vision-based system for a damage detection
* Automatic classification of damage
* Convolutional neural network (CNN))