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Programmable Multiple Bandpass Filter

Specification Performance
Supply voltage AC~200 V
Operating Temperature -40 ℃ to 85 ℃
Filter modes Lowpass filter (LPF)
Highpass filter(HPF)
Bandpass filter(BPF) in one board
Max. # of channels 4 LPF: 100 kHz~1 MHz
HPF: 10 kHz~400 kHZ
3 LPF: 100 kHz~1.5 MHz
HPF: 4 kHz~1.2 MHz
Other ranges can be customized
Roll-off 24 dB/oct
Communication USB
Control TM4C LaunchPad and GUI SW
Input impedance 11 pF
Pass band gain 0 dB±2.2 dB
Filter response Butterworth
Built-in amplifier x3~30
Application Noise rejection & antialiasing in vibration, acoustic and ultrasonic measurement.
e.g. Lamb wave pitch-catch, UPI, LDV