Opto-Electro-Robotics Lab.


Stealth Measurement Technology
Our research team has been developing a new system for evaluating the stealth performance of the whole specimen and analyzing stealth and radome performance using software. In detail, there are two research topics:

* A scanning free space measurement system (SFSM system) for evaluating the stealth performance
* A simulation analysis of stealth and radome

* Scanning free space measurement system (SFSM system)

Scanning free space measurement system (SFSM system)
The SFSM system consisted of a FSM system with focused horn antennas, a two-axis linear stage, and mechatronic synchronization which enables the automatized measurement of the whole specimen. The two-axis linear stage with the sample holder was located between two focused horn antennas for automatic raster scanning of the specimen and a personal computer for hosting the graphical user interface (GUI) software which can measure and evaluate the stealth performance automatically. At each point, the measured data was shown at the applied frequency range. Inside the scan area, it was possible to visualize the measured results at each frame divided into sweep points and to analyze the visualization results in the whole frequency range through the video file. This system achieved high accuracy and reliability for the standard specimen. The system could be applied for complex stealth structures with thickness and material variations, and, in addition, for detecting manufacturing defects, i.e. differences from design.

* SFSM system mechanism in 3D array data structure and visualization result at each frame

* Full-field distribution of the stealth performance; (a) RAS specimen with aluminum (b) visualization at 8.2 GHz (c) visualization at 10.3 GHz (d) visualization at 12.4 GHz